Saturday, October 29, 2011

* Evangeline, The Final (and shortest?)Letter, Postmark June, 1902


      Just a line to reply to your note. You are correct in your price of the chairs , 3.25 and 4.25. Since they have put the bed and mattress in the bill, it  seems to me the simpliest [sic] and least confusing way would be for you to pay half the bill as it is, and mama will settle with you. Tell me just how much the bill is, how much you sent them, and how much more you have left. Also how much you think you will have when the wedding expenses are paid.  [It sounds like there is no 'papa' to underwrite the wedding]  Annie has been down all the afternoon, and asked me if I preferred a present which they purchase or ten dollars. I said I preferred the money, then I could buy what I needed. Do you not think  that a generous gift? We are going up there to supper and it is after six, so must stop. One week from tomorrow and  I will have you again.
                                                 With my dearest love,

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