Tuesday, October 25, 2011

* Grace Genevieve Pierpont, Postmark May 19, 1899

My dear J. Walter: -

        Another tribute of your kindness came this morning –you have ever been doing them and I have appreciated [inserted “them”] all. This cheese knife is lovely  my first, and doubtless last, gift from Tiffany’s, and I thank [sic] very, very much.
       How slow and yet how fast the time has gone since I saw you, and I have been as busy as a [“busy” crossed out] bee [inserted], and as happy. Only a week more and then this terrible function [friction ?] will be over and we can all rest. J. Walter, when you marry seek “the little church round the corner” every time. The marriage will be just as legal, and you will both live longer.
        I shall never forget you, dear old friend of mine and may “Sweetness” ever live in your memory.  We have had many a pleasant time together, haven’t we?
        Forever your sincere friend,

                                               Grace Genevieve Pierpont
                                         North Haven, Connecticut
                                                May nineteenth, 1899

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