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* J. N. Powell, Postmark July 16, 1901

J.N. Powell
Furniture Dealer and Funeral Director
Southern Pines, N.C. July 16th, 1901

Successor to
H.H. Powell and Sons

My Dear Parson.

      Some time ago I wrote you, but not receiving a reply, I took it for granted that you must have gotten “Married” . Parson I have been thinking of you, and, wondering what you were up to.  Are you still with the Gas concern? I fixed up a sample (show) room out of the old store room at the head of the stairs, and I really think it was very pretty. I did not go to this state convention, as we did last year, I could not get away. I want to tell you about what a puff [?] I got. One of the traveling men told, at the convention what a new show room I had. He said that I had the prettiest show room in the state. How is that for a puff, for the old [par]son. I was glad, to know it, has not turned my head, for it can be improved on. I have several additions to the old shack, I have a broad stairs in the back of the store leading to the basement. I also bought me a pr. of brass pedestals, and an oxidized [sic] church truck [?] which is a dandy. I had a nice out fit for a small place but there were very [ destroyed] chances to use them this winter. There were very few deaths here. Do you remember Dudley Brown, the young fellow who went around on crutches, and lived in [a? that ? the ?] little building that Clark put up [near?] Heayes’ and the railroad. He died on the [?] of the month. I told Georgie that it had been so long since we (I) had a case that I was afraid to go around this dead man. She said that she would trust me for being afraid of him. Walter we  had a very severe rain storm last night . It rained 8 in during the night. The streets are washed up pretty badly “I reckon.” Young Edgerton tried to cross the branch at “the bridge” in Jessitown [?], and had of his horses, drowned. It is the little branch that you cross just before you enter Jessitown on your way to Pinehurst. Did I tell you that we have secured the old cen[ter?] lots, and are having a shack built there? P.D. was just in and I asked him what message he had for [Mr.] Bassett, this is his answer, “Are you going to write to Mr. Bassett “tellim” I am back here again, and tellim” I am well. [put?] any thing else in for me that you want [to say?] for me. You would not hardly know the little coon he is about 6 inches higher than he was last spring a year ago. The Free Press is getting a [ sour?] on its self see the extra enclosed.  Georgie has just come in , and says ask you if youy are dead. Parson I am going to enclose an envelope stamped and directed so deop me a trace, and let me know that you are still in the land of the living. With very best wishes to you from Georgie + I and hopin to hear from you real soon, old boy –

                                                  Your friend,

                                                       John the Parson

I failed to tell you that I was in New brusnwick on a visit.  Yours, John.

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