Monday, November 14, 2011

* Cousin Illegible (Preston? Puck? Peter?) March 26, 1900, Scovill House, Waterbury, Connecticut

He gets his Cousin's name wrong! 

Your Cousin, (Preston?) (Puck?) (Peter?)

1900, Mar. 26 Postmark Waterbury, Conn
(Cousin Preston? Puck?)

Scovill House
Waterbury, Conn.
C.M. Truman Hotel Co.


Dear Walter,
   You have probably learned of my frequent visits to Mt. Carmel. It has made it very pleasant for me to come here over [ ever?] Sunday.  The last two Blandie and your father have been alone.  Blandie says she is glad to have a chance to practice before she gets married ? but I guess she has [crossed out] already had it, as she gets along very (over) nicely. Last night  Helen and Blandie and myself went to the Hyperion in N.H. [New Haven?] Comedy [?] in Frederick  the 2 by Lewis Inomisan [?]
We all went to church this morning. But Blandie and I came before Sunday School.—I am glad to hear that you expect to come home soon + are feeling so much better.—I am in hopes to have the pleasure of a night-or-two in the mountain with the Party this summer. Business [sic] is generally fair with me.—I had a nice trip to Chicago this winter + learned considerably about putting up beef.
I had planned to go to N.Y.  last Sunday + see the Girls but my Ideas feel through—Am in hopes that I may get there yet before leaving this section. How do you find the young ladies in the South we read of them as being the only real things. Blonde’s [sic]  Slender + and graceful, lovable + kissable.  You want to be careful how you answer this as there might be such a things as your having another partner –I have thought of answering your letter often –heard how you were quite frequently through blandie—And always thought I would write but time I find slips pretty fast. Let me hear from you soon + I will answer.

Your Cousin,

 Preston? Puck?

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