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* H.T. Gregory (Pastor?) Southern Pines 1902 June 5

1902 June 5 Postmark Southern Pines, N.C.
(H.T. Gregory)

My dear Mr. Bassett,

                                                                                     My ! What
A long time it is since I heard from you ! How the time goes! Here we are in the middle of summer.
We were glad to get your letter and to learn of your whereabouts. Glad to know that you had attained a position right at home and I trust more lucrative than the old one, but certainly with no harder work.
I sent you some papers recently. We have changes here. Mr. Edwards [sic] death was a great blow to his friends. . He will be greatly missed. Mrs. Edwards is near Chicago. Expects to return in the fall. Obituary shows L.M. Goring was buried. She died of Consumption.
Most of the people who are going away for the summer have gone. Mrs. Chas Merritt [?] went yesterday. Mrs. M. has been quite sick.
The Roots [illegible names ] are in Mass. Mr. James Patch has gone to Texas to remain I believe. Mr. Bricker [?] has sold out to Henry and will probably leave town in the fall.
Mr. Riggs [?] has bought out Miss Stein who goes to Durham. What Riggs wants to do with the grocery business for I can’t  [illegible ]. There certainly is no money in it. Mr. Beck has gone to Germany to visit his mother—will not return till about Sept.  Mrs. Beck has been to Penn to her mother’s funeral.  Mrs. Grover has sold her house to Mr. Heizman [?] and has sold her other property. She and Alfred have rooms at Mr. C.J. Brown’s in Mr. Sander’s house above Mr. Beck’s. Mr. Brown has been away all winter –was in town a few days ago.  He thinks his R.R. will be built. Mr. Hamlin goes West before long but will return in the fall when he will resume the Meat [sic] business. His wife cannot endure the hot weather.
We have five new houses on the Ave. which the Roman Ch. is [sic]and one on Ashe St. nearby and another one going up soon. A Mr. Webster [?] of Hartford Ct. has built a nice house on lot that belonged to Mr. Caston [?] on Pope St. next to where Mr. Abbot used to live.
Mrs. + Mr. Patch came to church regularly will have their children baptized soon. Mr. Hayes had his children Bob + Ray baptized a few Sundays ago. They are considered as regular members of your Congregation now. [Is JWB a pastor at Southern Pines?  I thought he was an undertaker too.]
Mr. McQueen has gone out of the Livery business + with Capt. Clarke and a Mr. Kapitsky is going into the Caining[?] business.
James Swett, who is now in Bkln [?] Itrozing [?] is expected home soon. I hope he will help with the Sunday School.
The Dr. has done a good business here, although there have been a number of other  doctors here. We have two sanitariums and a new doctor K.M. Lenguson [?] who has built a house on R.R. St. and an office on capt. Clarkes [sic]
Lot –next to the corner house.
Do you get to Mr. Coby’s [?] Church often? If the trolley line runs to Cheshire would it not be more convenient to go there to Church? Mrs. Gregory joins me in [illegible] and kind regards to your family.
How is Miss C? I hope well. Will she change her name soon?

                Sincerely yours,

                              H.T. Gregory

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