Friday, November 4, 2011

*Certificates,Offices Held, Memberships, Subscriptions: 1900 - 1928+

[There is no date on this list: Is it for his personal satisfaction, a resume, an obituary, or perhaps, for whoever found this box of documents in his attic?]

*Church Senior Warden
*Lodge Past Master
*Library, Vice President and in charge of Building, etc.
*Sleeping Giant State Park Association, Director and Chairman of Committee on Purchase of Land
*[Crossed Out] Lyman H. Bassett Estate Director
*Boy Scouts Member [ship?][Troup?] Comm.
*State Park Com. [?]  Title Searcher
*Cemetery Association Treasurer
*Appalachian Mountain Club Secretary
*Mt. Carmel Civic Club Shade Tree Com.
*[Crossed Out] Community Field Day Finance Com.
*Hamden Historical Society Director

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