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* Dr. Swett's Inhalatory January 19, 1902

Dr. Swett's Inhalatory (Inhalation Therapy?): Did the young JWB have asthma or bronchitis? See Arthur Marvin letter referring to JWB's "poor" health, December 9, 1897, addressed to JWB at  Piney Woods Inn, Southern Pines, N.C. 

Twelve dollars a week (the fee at Piney Woods Inn, above)  would be JWB's 
entire weekly salary in January,1902, five years after the 1897 "poor health" letter
addressed to JWB at Piney Woods Inn by Arthur Marvin. 
Prior to JWB's marriage, that $12.00 weekly salary was insufficient to convince Evangeline
to set a date certain for marriage,until "Mr. Humphries" gave JWB "a raise".

The size of the Lyman Bassett House in 1905 
on  50 Ives Street (built in 1893)  and this $12.00 weekly fee at Piney Woods Inn 
in 1897, suggest the Bassetts of Mt. Carmel were well to do. 

So too do J. Walter's Yale aspirationshis Cheshire Academy alumnus status, 
and his graduation from the Hopkins Grammar School 
with two diplomas, 1895, 1896.

Postmark, January 20, 1902
Hamlet, N.C.

January 19, 1902
Mr. Bassett
Mount Carmel, Cn.

Dear Sir and Friend

  Your letter with ck. were received + appreciated as our funds were in their usual state "low ebb" ----The ck. left a few dollars on hand. We have now larger congregations of course but still small --we do not grow I am sorry to say --Our stove in the furnace has filled up + so has had to be replaced , wh was done yesterday. I was not at church this A.M., so do not know the count of contributions and unless it is larger than usual we have not enough money to pay for it + Mr. G. for today----I tell you this so you can see how useful your ck was ---Thank you for it.
   The place is growing all the time.
   Pinehurst the same, I heard yesterday that Mr. Tufts was going to build a hotel twice the size of The Carson [?]built this year.
   All join in kind regards and best wishes

    I am Yours Sincerely,
                            W. P. Swett

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